Guild & Forum Rules!!! READ THIS FIRST!!!

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Guild & Forum Rules!!! READ THIS FIRST!!!

Post by FearNHopeKL on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:35 pm

Please read below.  Violation of Guild & Forum Rules may result in a ban from the Guild and/or Forums.

Guild Rules

  • Please use appropriate behavior when playing VG with guild mates and with other players.  Let's try to keep the VG gaming community free from behaviors that would diminish the quality of the game.  We want to attract more cooperative players, not encourage people to be jerks.
  • Do not obsessively over ping other players when they are not listening.
  • Do not join a game if you can't finish it, the game is less fun when people desert a match.
  • TRY NOT to surrender a game, even if it looks like you will lose.  I've had plenty of games where it looked like we were going to lose but somehow won.  VG is a game about timing, attention and teamwork.  Even if the game looks done, if you can squeeze out an Ace, maybe get that Kraken... it may be just the edge you need to win.  Please do not surrender, playing under pressure of losing sometimes brings out the best plays in everyone.  And hell, even if you do lose... at least you made the other team work for it.   Twisted Evil

Forum Rules

  1. NO flaming or bashing others in the forums.  We're all here to learn and help each other.
  2. Don't post in threads just to post and get your post count up.  Try to contribute to the conversation.
  3. Watch your language and be mindful of what you talk about in the forums.  
    Remember, this is a free forum website and we need to abide by their rules or else we can lose this site.

    Terms of Service is in the following link:
    Below are just a couple quotes from the Terms of Service link if you don't want to read the whole thing.

    "Forums that does welcome or promote warez, piracy, hacking, cracking, spamming, attacks against networks or servers, pornography, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, inappropriate activities on the servers, or any other actions which violate any applicable laws, aren't allowed. Any forum which contains texts, links, pictures, animations, videos or any other content recognized as Illegal will be deleted without notice or warning. reserves the right to delete any accounts or forums considered not conform to the rules quoted here or specified in or in the international website rules according to the international internet law. Any Illegal content or act and will be reported to the concerned services and prosecuted."

    "The products and services can be used only in the precise way for which such products and services have been made for. You cannot use the products and services, or associate them to any content or activity which might be harmful to the any individual person's private rights :
    Contents which are Illegal, harmful, threatening, improper, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or ethically reprehensible
    Content which disclose personal datum that could identifies children under age of 18 or which exploit the images."

    Bottom line... If you don't think you should say it, then you probably shouldn't.  Use common sense.
    If you don't have common sense... then get some, it'll be useful in life.   Very Happy


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